Since Bitcoin had started its hilarious march around the world in 2009, a lot of things changed in the world’s financial system. There are plenty of online activities that became safer and faster with Bitcoins. For example, investment, charitable projects, online BTC casino gambling, online shopping, and others.

Ways to obtain Bitcoins

All cryptocurrency transactions are possible when you have enough BTC on your account, and there are many easy and legal ways to earn them. For example:

  • trading
  • exchange services
  • buying
  • gambling
  • mining.

Note that any of these ways will require a BTC wallet that you can create at a reliable trading platform or use an app for your mobile phone. There are “hot” wallets that are run online within the specialized platforms and “cold” wallets that allow you to provide BTC transactions with software that is installed on your PC or smartphone.

How to get Bitcoins in an online BTC casino

One of the ideal ways to get Bitcoins is Bitcoin gambling. The main thing to consider when you start playing online BTC casinos is to choose a trustworthy online platform. Pay attention to such criteria as a number of years in the industry, real customer reviews, payment systems that are used, the number of games, software producers, licenses, etc.

When you play at an online BTC casino, you can earn BTC in different ways. Here are some of them:

  • Obtain Bitcoins when you play Bitcoin slots, table games, live casino, and other games
  • Get a particular amount of BTC when you make deposits/withdrawals
  • Obtain Bitcoins as a part of casino bonuses or take part in casino promotions.

What is crypto trading?

One of the possible ways to earn Bitcoins is crypto trading. To provide it successfully there is a need for financial knowledge and analytical work, one needs to be aware of pairings, mining, currency types, etc. most common trading activity is exchanging within specialized platforms. These platforms can only allow the buying and selling of BTC, or have more trading forms such as CFDs, futures, and others.

Bitcoin mining

To date, there are not as many people who do not know the word combination “to mine Bitcoins.” However, not everybody is aware of what this process looks like. To understand how to mine Bitcoins you need to get familiar with blockchain technology that lies in the heart of the mining process. Imagine a chain of computers that are running a particular type of software. These computers are called “nodes” and are operated by programmers (sometimes they are called “miners”). To get Bitcoins on their accounts miners have to verify cryptocurrency transactions that are continuously entering the node environment one by one. The verifying process is bound to solving computational puzzles, which are unique for each transaction. Once the puzzle is resolved, the transaction is validating and added to the chain of nodes as a new separate block. That is why the technology is called “blockchain.”

To wrap up let us say Bitcoin gambling and mining are both legal and effective ways to earn cryptocurrency. Bitcoin trading requires more financial knowledge and analytics and is also effective when you are an expert.

Wrap Up

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